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Write to your MP to protect civilians in Idlib

Action Alert:

Please download this PDF and e-mail it to your MP with the following covering letter. If you want, you can customise our sample letter.

To (MP’s name) MP.

Dear (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms),

As your constituent, I am very concerned about the humanitarian catastrophe that has unfolded in North-West Syria, Idlib province. The combined airforces of the Assad regime and Russia are relentlessly bombing hospitals and murdering civilians. Every day video footage emerges of the corpses of children and their families killed under the rubble of their own houses that were bombed over them; or those whose bodies have been torn to pieces or incinerated by the explosives being dropped. It is unconscionable that the international community is allowing this to happen, and it is a tragedy of our time that this scenario has played out in exactly the same manner in Syria time and again.

I write to you today in the hope that you may relay a request that I believe could put a stop to this nightmare. Since the UN Security Council is paralysed by Russian vetoes and obstructions, I would like you to demand our government call for an emergency meeting of the UN General Assembly under a Uniting for Peace Resolution. At this meeting, I would like the UK to propose mobilising a multi-national coalition that will give the regime and Russia an ultimatum to cease its attacks against the population of North-West Syria. The attached PDF includes a hyperlink to a brief but detailed step-by-step guide to what this multi-national force can realistically do to end this extermination campaign.

I hope this proposal will initiate a serious move to stop the slaughter and protect Idlib’s civilians.

Yours faithfully

(your name)

(your address)



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