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The Syrian British Consortium (SBC) - formerly known as the Syrian British Council - is a UK-based Syrian advocacy body which works towards establishing a channel of communication amongst diaspora-based Syrians and building a platform that amplifies their voices with the UK Government, Parliament and international policy-makers.


The SBC promotes the empowerment of Syrians in British society, while directly engaging with the UK Government and Parliament to adopt policies addressing the root causes of the Syrian crisis, and advocating for accountability for perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The SBC consists of many prominent UK-based Syrian figures from diverse backgrounds, including medical doctors, academics, lawyers, journalists, filmmakers, human rights activists and business persons.

our story

Since the early days of the Syria uprising of 2011, Syrians living the United Kingdom have been active in advocating for a democratic, inclusive, and free Syria. They organised many activities to support their people inside Syria. These activities included protests, advocacy and charitable work. Many advocacy groups, charities and networks were established accordingly.


However, with the prolongation of the Syrian crisis and the various challenges faced the uprising, these efforts started to be scattered. As a result, the efficiency of these efforts was declining. This was especially significant in relation to lobbying efforts, which seemed limited.


In 2017, various meetings were held to discuss possible solutions to harmonise lobbying and advocacy efforts in the UK and to establish a communication channel with UK policy-makers to advocate for certain policies towards Syria. The main aim was to develop common goals and objectives and create an umbrella body that can translate these goals into clear strategies and actions.


In 2019, their efforts were formally institutionalised and the Syrian British Council was born.  For three years, the Syrian British Council managed to strengthen its consultative relationship with the UK Government and Parliament, in addition to building a bridge with diaspora-based Syrian groups in the US, Europe and the Middle East.


Since August 2022, to consolidate a unique footprint within the UK, the Syrian British Council has transformed into the Syrian British Consortium (SBC) to equally reflect the increase in our members and partnerships with a several Syrian-led institutions.

our mission

Building a democratic and inclusive Syria, where equality, tolerance and respect for human rights are the most cherished values.

our work

The Syrian British Consortium aims at empowering the Syrian community in Britain, building bridges with the rest of the Syrian diaspora and engaging with UK policy-makers to advocate for  democratic transition, justice, accountability and resilience-based sustainable development.

Advocacy & policy

We work with our Syrian and British partners to develop relevant policies aiming at building  a democratic Syria that abides by international humanitarian laws and the universal human rights in every aspect of political, professional and social life. The SBC also works to hold those complicit in human rights violations, war crimes and crimes against humanity accountable for their actions.  

awareness & empowerment

We work to increase the awareness of Syrians within the UK with respect to laws and policies that are relevant to them, and to familiarise them with the means of bettering their circumstances. We also focus on increasing the awareness of the UK public about the humanitarian and political situation in Syria, while actively engaging with UK-based universities, media outlets and think tanks.

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