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What's happening in Idlib? A conversation with Hadi Al-Abdullah

We had the honor to host the icon of the media work in the Syrian revolution Hadi Al-Abdullah at a seminar via Skype in London on Thursday 23 January 2020.

Despite his constant preoccupation with covering the accelerating events in Idlib, he gave us his time to contribute, as always, to conveying the voice of our people in the liberated areas in North Syria.

His courage, passion, and sincerity were so inspiring to those present who promised him to work on his messages with everything they could.

His messages were to all Syrians abroad and to anyone interested in the Syrian cause:

- Do not forget the suffering of the Syrian people and always carry this worry in your heart.

- Contribute to educating those around you with everything you can about the revolution of a people who demanded freedom and the oppressive regime that faced them with all kinds of oppression and criminality.

- Continue to demonstrate and protests in front of Russian embassies and everywhere asking them to stop bombing civilians.

- Press your governments with everything you can, asking them to put diplomatic, political and military pressure on Russia and Iran to stop their bombing of the Syrian people and stop their support for the criminal Syrian regime.

This event was co-organised by the Syrian British Council and the Syria Solidarity Campaign.


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