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Update of the Humanitarian Situation in Idlib/ January 30

Today, 30 January 2020, local groups such as the Response Coordination Group (RCG) have documented the displacement of more than 40,070 families( 268,298 people) from regions in the demilitarized zone, in the countryside of Idlib and Aleppo, arriving at more than 134 villages, towns and refugee camps, where RCG continues to count the numbers of IDPs arriving at different regions since 16 January and to identify their most urgent humanitarian needs. Since the beginning of the military campaign of the Syrian regime forces on the region, a great number of victims and causalities has been recorded, more than 130 civilians have been killed, including 40 children (boys and girls), equivalent to 30.76% of the total causalities among civilians.

Given that, Humanitarian response by NGOs and other humanitarian agencies has been severely weakened recently, resulting in more suffering to displaced civilians by military operations imposed by the regime.

For now, we, Idlib Advocacy Team (IAT) re-assure the RCG’s demands in the following:

- We call upon the international agencies and the global community to put pressure directly on the Syrian regime and its allies to stop the military campaign against the demilitarized zone.

- We call upon all NGOs and humanitarian agencies to work immediately and urgently to respond to the newly arriving IDPs and to contribute to alleviating their suffering, which is increasing significantly, especially during the past few days.

SBC works in daily coordination with the RCG, and other Advocacy Groups in Syria and Gaziantep.


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