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The Syrian Economy Crisis: The Repercussions on the Conflict

With the tenth year of the Syrian conflict, and while the Syrian Regime and its allies were able to take over new territories in the different parts of the country, the Syrian economy seems to be on the verge of collapse. The Syrian pound plummets, domestic production freezes, and international economic relations become impotent. Recently, the Syrian pound has hit the lowest record in history reaching a level of 3,500 Syrian pounds for each 1 American Dollar.

In light of these challenges, and while the Syrians inside the different parts of the country suffers the woes of this economic crisis, the Syrian Regime is still threatening to attack Idlib with a complete ignorance of its responsibilities towards its citizens. Instead, the Syrian Regime has been trying to blame the Western sanctions of the Syrians sufferings. the EU and the US respond that their sanctions are designed to target the Regime and its main officials to hinder its ability of committing more violations and war crimes.

The Syrian British Council (SBC) is inviting you to attend a virtual panel discussion to discuss the current Syrian economy crisis and its repercussions on the Syrian conflict.

The panel discussion will be streamed live on Zoom and Facebook:


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