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The Humanitarian Reality in Idlib, In-person Conversation with Ra'ed Saleh (Head of White Helmets)

On 25 Feb, SBC hosted Ra'ed Saleh, Head of White Helmets, in an in-person conversation. Saleh talked about the efforts made by his team in order to help saving civilians lives.

For an hour, Saleh talked about the work of the White Helmets, how it was founded at the end of 2012 from several voluntary teams and how it contributed to protecting civilians and saving lives. He also spoke about the dangers they faced and the number of volunteers who lost their lives while carrying out their humanitarian duty to protect people. Saleh answered questions from the audience regarding their work, the difficulties they face, and how they deal with media distortion by the regime and its allies.

Saleh concluded saying that the White Helmets are part of the Syrian society and will be always supporting and helping civilians.


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