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Call for Consultant Investigator

About SBC:

The Syrian British Consortium (SBC) is a UK-based Syrian advocacy body which works

towards establishing a channel of communication amongst diaspora-based Syrians and

building a platform that amplifies their voices with the UK Government, Parliament, and

international policymakers. SBC (SBCoun) is a not-for-profit organisation registered in the UK

(company limited by guarantee, No: 11582740).

About the Investigative Team:

The investigations team at SBC works on in-depth investigations into international crimes

committed in Syria with the aim of pursuing both legal and non-legal routes towards

accountability for crimes committed. As a group of consultants, we work independently

within SBC to interview eyewitnesses and experts and to document and preserve evidence

of crimes committed in Syria. Our investigations adopt a victim-centred approach to ensure

that our work is aligned with the interests and priorities of the represented communities

and does not compromise their physical or emotional well-being.

Our first investigation, conducted between 2020-2022, investigated the crimes committed

during the August 2012 Daraya massacre. We published a report which detailed findings of

the crimes committed, entities responsible, and means through which the attack was

coordinated and executed. Currently we are working on an investigation looking into

violations committed against civilians within educational settings in Syria between 2011 and


The Vacancy

The organisation is seeking a consultant to fill the ‘Consultant Investigator’ position to assist

with gathering evidence, legal analysis and case file building. The position’s start date is 4

September 2023. Training will be provided upon assumption of the role to allow the new

consultant to settle into the organisation.

The required position is consultancy-based, (will require an estimated 5-10 hours per week)

and will run for a fixed term of 3 months (with potential to extend). Daily rate will be

competitive and based upon the skills and experience of the candidate.

Location: preferably UK-based, although due to the remote nature of the work, applications

may be considered from any location.

Expected Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Conduct research and outreach that will help with interview prep and/or case file

building, including on international crimes (legal research), on individuals, or on

entities ( in both Arabic and English).

2. Work with the team of investigators to conduct interviews with witnesses.

3. Legally analyse the interviews conducted by the team.

4. Analyse picture/video/documentary evidence.

5. Organise research and analysis findings into evidence matrices.

6. Conduct all work through a virtual platform.

7. Comply with confidentiality and security protocols.

8. Participate in team meetings, initiatives, and development trainings/courses.

9. Assist with monitoring and evaluating the efficacy of the investigative plan and

proactively engage with the process of case file building.

10. Perform other tasks related to the role when requested by the project director.

Person Specifications:

1. Good knowledge and understanding of key issues and dynamics of the Syrian


2. Strong working knowledge of international crimes and how they may have been

committed in the Syrian context.

3. Excellent communications skills (written and verbal).

4. High level of interpersonal and interviewing skills.

5. Strong conceptual and analytical skills and ability to think and operate innovatively,

strategically, and proactively.

6. Attention to detail.

7. Ability to work independently and on own initiative.

8. Ability to work on a virtual platform and to comply with confidentiality and security


9. Time management skills.

10. Ability to work well with others and as part of a team.

11. Commitment to SBC’s values and ethos.

12. Flexibility in working hours – ability to work evenings and weekends in some cases as

agreed with the project manager.

Qualifications & requirements

1. BSc in Law (degree in a related field will be considered with the appropriate job


2. Demonstrable ability to undertake Expected Duties and Responsibilities and to meet

Person Specifications.

3. Good working knowledge of MS Office and Google Drive.

4. Flexibility in working hours – ability to work evenings and weekends in some cases as

agreed with the project manager.

5. Proficiency in Arabic and English languages (reading, speaking, writing).


1. LLM or above in International Law or comparable work experience.

2. Ability and willingness to travel both at home and abroad (expenses paid).

3. Open source investigating skills.

4. Victim-centred interviewing training and experience.

How to apply

To apply for the position or for enquiries, please email:

with a CV and a cover letter.

Application closing date: 14 July 2023

Interview dates: week of 31 July


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