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One of SBC Recommendation Appears in the Speech of the UK Representative in New York

One of the recommendations of the Syrian British Council (SBC) regarding the Syrian elections appears in the speech of the UK representative in New York

In the past two months, SBC raised the issue of the Syrian elections with decision-makers in the UK.

In November 2020, SBC met with shadow ministers from the opposition, including the Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of the Middle East Shadow. After the meeting, the opposition sent a letter to the government talking about the meeting and questioning the government about its position on the upcoming elections in Syria, and how it will ensure that these elections do not legalise the crimes committed and that they take place under international monitoring to ensure integrity, transparency and the participation of all Syrians. The letter text:

In January 2020, SBC met with the Minister of the Middle East and the Special Envoy to Syria, in addition to the senior officials responsible for the Syrian file. SBC raised its demands about the elections. The minister tweeted:

Today, and through the speech of its representative to the Security Council in New York, the UK affirms that it will not recognise presidential elections unless they guarantee the participation of all Syrians and ensure these elections be conducted with integrity and transparency after the approval of a new constitution in the country. Text of the speech:

SBC focused on the elections file in Syria beside the files of accountability and justice, the political transition, detainees, and the humanitarian response.

SBC calls on the UK government not to recognise any elections that are not free and fair in which all Syrians participate, including the Syrian diaspora. SBC further stands against nominating figures who have reliable evidence of being involved in international crimes, on top of them Bashar alAssad. SBC also demands the elections be conducted in a safe environment away from the regime's repressive practices.

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