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SBC’s Investigations Team at the Brussels VII Conference - Day of Dialogue

Sema Nassar, investigator with SBC’s Investigations Team, spoke at two side events during the BRUSSELS VIII CONFERENCE – DAY OF DIALOGUE.

In her presentations, Nassar addressed the profound challenges to human rights in Syria, emphasising the urgent need for close and ongoing collaboration between the international community and the Independent Institution for Missing Persons (IIMP) to provide the necessary diplomatic support that can help overcome the political and security obstacles hindering efforts to uncover the fate of the missing. She clarified that these efforts are not only about meeting immediate needs but are also essential for achieving long-term resilience and stability in the region.

Nassar discussed the challenges facing early recovery programs under the Syrian regime's use of governance as a tool to advance its own interests and restrict public freedoms, with ongoing human rights violations. This approach, she noted, serves the stability of the regime while undermining the welfare and rights of citizens.

Sema also highlighted the significant contributions of civil society, particularly through advocacy and documentation efforts, and stressed the importance of a victim-centred approach that places the needs and rights of victims and their families at the heart of all efforts.

She also focused on the necessity of involving women directly in the internal operations of the new institution to ensure a diverse range of perspectives and expertise. This involvement reflects a comprehensive understanding that the impact of disappearances extends across social, economic, and gender lines, and that addressing these impacts requires a collective effort.

Furthermore, Sema Nassar called for renewed momentum towards a political solution to the Syrian conflict. She stated that politically empowering Syrian women could break the current deadlock in the international response to the Syrian crisis and potentially transform the realities for women in Syria.

The Syrian British Consortium  supports a comprehensive approach to addressing these deep-rooted issues and remains committed to human rights and justice as pathways toward a more stable and peaceful Syria.


Investigation highlights abuses of students at the height of the Syrian civil warBBC WORLD NEWS
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