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SBC Participates in UNSC Meeting on Syria and Meets with Several Permanent Members

We, in the SBC, are very proud to have two of our Board Members, the filmmaker Mrs Waad Alkhateab and Human Rights Lawyer Mr Ibrahim Olabi, alongside Syrian activist and former detainee Omar Alshogre, speaking in UN Security Council Arria-formula meeting on Accountability in #Syria on November 29, 2021. Their speeches emphasized the absolute necessity for the international community to spare no effort in holding al-Assad regime accountable for its gross human rights violations, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Furthermore, all Syrian speakers made it clear that sustainable peace in Syria can only be realized when justice for all victims and accountability for all atrocities are achieved.

Afterwards, the SBC held a bilateral meeting with the UK Permanent Representative to UN, Dame Barbara Woodward. During that meeting, SBC discussed the best practices that the UK can adopt to ensure the Syrian regime is held accountable for its use of chemical weapons, unlawful detention, torture and targeting health facilities.

The SBC delegation to New York will hold other meetings with several member states, including the U.S, Canada, France and the Netherlands.


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