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SBC and ACS form Transatlantic Working Group for Syria

Fostering deeper cooperation between British and American advocacy groups for Syria

LONDON and WASHINGTON D.C., June 30, 2023 –The Syrian British Consortium (SBC) convened with representatives from the American Coalition for Syria (ACS), a coalition of specialized Syria-focused institutions based in the United States, in Paris, France on June 5th. It was a moment of shared vision and purpose as we gathered to discuss the pressing need for a collaborative framework, with a goal of coordinating political advocacy efforts, strengthening communication, and fostering connections among the vibrant Syrian advocacy groups in Britain and the United States.

In that meeting, the SBC and ACS recognized the power of our partnership and agreed to establish the "Transatlantic Working Group for Syria." This initiative aims to foster deeper cooperation between the Syrian advocacy groups in both countries, particularly concerning high-level engagements with the British government and the American administration. The working group also intends to support advocacy campaigns that address the political consequences of Arab normalization with the Syrian regime, while simultaneously amplifying international pressure to implement policies that significantly impact crucial issues that include: the political transition in accordance with UNSC Resolution 2254, the pursuit of justice and accountability for all perpetrators of human rights violations and war crimes in Syria, the release of political detainees, the revelation of the fate of missing and forcibly disappeared individuals, and the augmentation of humanitarian and developmental assistance to affected communities within Syria in alignment with human rights principles.

Together, we embark on a shared journey of purpose and determination. By solidifying our voices and leveraging our collective strength, we strive to create a brighter future for a democratic Syria and its resilient people.


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