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Detainees in Al-Assad Prisons: The Experience of Detainees' Families and Options of Accountability

With the Syrian revolution entering its tenth year, the issue of detainees in Assad’s prisons remains one of the most important issues related to all the demands and values ​​that the Syrian revolution has advocated since its inception. Arbitrary detention, torture, disappearance, and systematic killing in Assad's prisons were and still are at the top of the lists of human rights violations committed by the Syrian regime without restraint or restriction. Tens of thousands of detainees have died under torture in all its criminal forms, and hundreds of thousands of detainees are suffering to this day in Assad's prisons without access to any of the international organizations and oversight bodies for these prisons, which makes all of the remaining detainees at risk of torture and death.

When: Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Venue: You can attend the seminar via the Zoom app or via the council’s Facebook page:

Zoom link:


Note: The dialogue will be in Arabic only.


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