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Daily Report on the Humanitarian and Medical Situation In Idlib Governorate

Daily Report on the Humanitarian and Medical Situation In Idlib Governorate, as a Result of the Brutal Escalation of the Regime and Russian Occupation Forces

Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Syrian regime and Russian occupation forces continue their brutal aggression on Idlib Governorate for the tenth month as the Russian aggression planes targeted the Shami Hospital in the city of Ariha and the nearby residential buildings on Wednesday night 29th of January 2020, which led to a terrible massacre that killed 10 civilians and 20 wounded, including a number Of the medical personnel. The hospital was almost completely destroyed and out of service, to increase the number of health facilities targeted directly by the Syrian regime and Russian occupation forces in the northwestern region of Syria from the date of April 28, 2019 to date, to 47 facilities, including about 20 facilities which are approximately completely destroyed.

After the Shami Hospital was out of service, the entire southern Idlib countryside (Ariha and Ma`ret AlNuman) is free of any medical point and deprived of health services, as a result of direct targets by the warplanes.

The medical situation in the northern regions is also getting worse, as a result of the enormous pressure of civilians fleeing the inferno of death, while the facilities of that region suffer from very weak capabilities, in light of the shameful absence of international support.

The number of IDPs from the southern countryside of Idlib and western Aleppo towards the border areas as of Wednesday, January 29, 2020 has reached about 269. 000 people, since the sixteenth of this month.

Regarding the military situation, the Russian, Iranian forces and regime forces continued their progress in the southern countryside, as they became 10 km from Saraqib.

Please find the photos below:

Idlib Health Directorate


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