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Commemoration of 10 Years of the Syrian Uprising: What Comes Next?

On Tuesday, 16 March 2021, the Syrian British Council and the Syria Relief hosted a Panel discussion to commemorate the 10the anniversary of the Syrian revolution. Key speakers of the event were the Minister for the Middle East & North Africa in the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, Labour MP and Shadow Minister for Culture & Progressive, Alison McGovern, Labour MP and Shadow Minister for International Development Anna McMorrin and board members of both the Syrian British Council Waad Alkhateeb and Dr Hytham Alhmawi, and Syria Relief Co-founder and Chair of Trustees, Dr Ayman Judni. The speakers reflected on key issues in regard to the Syrian revolution in its 10th anniversary. Othman Moqbel, CEO of Syria Relief, made an introduction with some points about the humanitarian role the Syria Relief plays in supporting the Syrian. Mr. Moqbel further mentioned the necessity of finding a political solution to the Syrian situation.

Mr. Cleverly first started by talking about the critical humanitarian situation in Syria, with 13 million people need help, the number of lost lives and the millions of men, women and children forced of their homes. Mr. Cleverly further talked about the role the UK played in mitigating the situation with many partnerships with many organisations to relief the burden inside Syria since 2012. He finally mentioned that Assad and his individuals must be held to account, the sanctions that the UK imposed against them and that the UK is committed to the UN resolution 2254. Labour MP and Shadow Minister for Culture & Progressive, Alison McGovern mentioned the importance of working with the British Syrian community to make more British aware of the Syrian conflict and to consider how to move forward with the Refugee Resettlement Programme to help more people who need it. Labour MP and Shadow Minister for International Development Anna McMorrin talked about the brutality of the attacks of the Assad regime and its allies on civilians. Mrs. McMorrin mentioned the UK needs to stands with Syrians to fight against the impunity and to accelerate the diplomatic effort towards ending the conflict. During the event, Waad mentioned the importance of preserving the Syrian narrative and fight against the Russian propaganda. Waad also talked about the beliefs and values of the revolution that Syrians still hold. Dr Ayman Jundi mentioned the projects carried out by the Syria relief to help supporting refugees in the neighbouring countries of Syria. Dr Jundi also mentioned that an effort should be done now to end the Syrian conflict through a peaceful, fair and comprehensive political process.

Dr Haytham Alhamwi talked about the values of the Syrian revolution. Dr Alhamwi further mentioned that through the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Syrian uprising, the Syrian British Council is expressing solidarity with many Syrian dreams and reaffirming its commitment to keep fighting for Syrians rights to see their dreams coming true.


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