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A Statement of Solidarity with Ukraine

As Syrians, who have been suffering from the catastrophic consequences of the Russian military forces, we stand in solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine who are courageously facing a Russian invasion on their country. Over the past seven years, the Russian army, the main ally of al-Assad regime, has been playing a major role in destroying hospitals, targeting humanitarian workers, displacing thousands of civilians and leveling entire cities to the ground. We hope the international community will overcome its failure and silence in Syria, in order to act more swiftly and decisively towards restoring peace to Ukraine, saving its democratic institutions and protecting its civilians from a possible humanitarian disaster. We call upon the UK Government to open its borders to the Ukrainian refugees and to spare no efforts in assisting the people in need who are showing a great deal of resilience against a brutal aggression.

The Syrian British Council (SBC) London, 02/03/2022


Investigation highlights abuses of students at the height of the Syrian civil warBBC WORLD NEWS
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